BWWMH Auxiliary Purchases NuStep Recumbent Trainer for Wellness Center
BWWMH Auxilian Carol Glass is the first to try out the new NuStep T5XR Recumbent Cross Trainer in the Wellness Center. Purchased with a $6,079 donation from the Auxiliary, the machine features a larger, swiveling seat that will allow easier access by our clients.

At $3 each, they had to sell over 2,025 Love Lights to raise the necessary $6,079, but the Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is full of very determined men and women whose goal last year was to purchase a new NuStep T5XR Recumbent Cross Trainer for the hospital’s Wellness Center . “We’re very excited that we were able to raise the necessary funds for this machine,” said Auxiliary President Buddy Jones. “We are always looking for ways to assist the hospital and when the Wellness Center requested this new piece of equipment, we thought it was a wonderful idea.”

            The machine was installed this summer and has quickly become one of the busiest pieces of equipment in the center, according to Wellness Center Director Betsy Adams. “The NuStep is one of the most popular exercise machines we have,” Adams explained. “Our members love the NuStep because it’s a great low-impact cardio machine that works muscles all over the body…legs, arms, back, trunk and abdomen. It also strengthens and tones all of those muscles, while getting a good cardio workout for the heart, thus improving one’s fitness level while burning calories to help with weight-loss goals.”

            Because it is a “low-impact” machine, the NuStep is easier on the joints. “We all know that running is hard on the knees and feet,” Adams said, “but walking can also be hard on the joints. If you have arthritic knees or hips, even walking can be difficult. Low-impact exercise machines, like the NuStep, support the body’s weight while exercising, thereby reducing the stress on the knees and feet, along with the back and hips as well.”

            Not only are Wellness Center members benefiting from the new machine, but patients in the hospital’s physical therapy department use it as well. “It is a great machine to help with rehabilitation for the knees, ankle, hips and back” Adams said. “It’s not unusual for us to have 10 physical therapy patients using the NuStep machines in a single day.”

            The new machine stands apart from the three similar machines already in the center because it features a larger, swiveling seat that will allow easier access by clients. It also has a low step-through design that allows users of any function level to swing their legs through without difficulty. There are 15 levels of resistance and 13 distinct workout programs from which to choose. Also, with a 600 pound weight capacity, the machine is very sturdy.

            “We’re so proud of our new machine,” Adams said. “The Auxiliary has been very good to the Wellness Center . Not only did they purchase this machine, but in recent years, they’ve purchased our elliptical machines and all our supplies for our arthritis exercise class. It’s so nice to have such a caring group of people involved with our program.”

            With this project ticked off their list, the Auxiliary is busy preparing for this year’s Love Lights fundraiser. Love Lights sales will kick off in October.


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