Our Services


Whitfield Regional Hospital is committed to delivering quality healthcare and providing up to date information to our patients. We strive to foster practices that promote good decision making regarding the medical services offered at our facility.

Our goal is to attain complete patient satisfaction in all aspects of our care continuum, from registration through discharge.

We understand that complex topics such as insurance coverage, billing rules, and patient records can be confusing at times. To make our processes and practices more transparent and in order to help our patients understand what they can expect for personal out-of-pocket costs, WRH offers a direct phone line whereby callers may speak with an onsite financial counselor for questions or concerns. This individual will be happy to walk you through our average costs by service, and how much you can expect to pay, depending on your specific insurance plan’s coverage and associated co-pay/deductible amounts.

For more information about the charges associated with a specific procedure, please view our list of charges or call our financial counselor at (334) 287-2463, Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM for a more detailed estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses.

The information in the price transparency spreadsheet linked below may not reflect the total amount due on a claim, nor does it reflect your financial responsibility as a patient. Pricing and services below reflect a typical encounter; however, your physician may render a different variation of services to provide you the best level of care. Payors often price claims with a ‘lesser of’ methodology; therefore, services may be priced less than the rates below. The inclusion of pricing below does not indicate that a service is covered under your benefit plan. Likewise, the exclusion of a service below or pricing at $0 does not indicate that a service is not covered by your health plan, not offered by our facility, nor that the service may come at no cost to you. “Included in primary procedure” indicates that, typically, the specified service is not separately priced; rather, it is considered packaged with the primary procedure pricing. However, any variation in services provided—including whether individual services below are provided along with other services, rather than independently—can cause variation in pricing, due to payor policies. Our pricing can vary dependent upon the specifics of your care plan, including but not limited to the site at which you receive care. The rates below reflect our highest tier of pricing for the stated service. Your services may cost less. Workers’ Compensation rates reflected below are based on claims filed in Alabama. Rates may vary depending on the state in which the injury claim is filed.

Click Price Transparency to see our price transparency spreadsheet.

When calling our financial counselor, you will need the following items for an accurate estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses:

  1. 1. Detailed description of the test(s)/procedure(s) being ordered by the doctor.
  2. 2. The ordering Doctor’s name and office phone number.
  3. 3. Insurance status, if any.
  4. 4. Insurance details, for all Policies, primary and secondary (front & back of card)
    • -Insurance company name and phone number.
    • -Policy holder’s name.
    • -Policy number.
    • -Group number.

These amounts represent the usual and customary charges billed. They are not necessarily an estimate of amounts due.